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Hyundai is ready to kick off a wave of new electric cars coming over the next few years, and it starts with the number five. Ioniq 5, that is. The company's new subbrand, Ioniq, will be home to future EVs wearing numerical (read: boring) names and the Ioniq 5 will lead the charge. But it looks like some information has slipped out ahead of time. We don't know when Hyundai plans to reveal the Ioniq 5, nor if this leaked timeline will reflect US availability.

Keep in mind that Hyundai has a track record of showing things off in its home country of Korea first, too. The automaker declined to comment on the leak but said it's excited to share more information on the EV next year. Scalextric-style roads that charge electric cars on the go... World's largest wind turbines that measure 856 feet tall can... Solar power station in SPACE could soon be a reality after... Europe's largest Amazon warehouse in Essex unveils vast new... d The next step is to connect the inverter with the power grid.

For this, you have to connect a plug from the inverter to the main power switchboard. From that board, an electricity wire should be attached and supplying power to the home appli The Korean Car Blog snapped a few screenshots and published specifications on Monday for the production Ioniq 5, which is based on the Hyundai 45 concept. The shots come from Hyundai Austria, which set up a preorder page for the Ioniq 5 and allowed customers to make a refundable $1,200 USD reservation for the EV through the end of next month.

The page went on to say reservations would turn into orders this February before the new car launches in June or July in Austria. Sunny sky solar, a solar Energy power system installer in Brisbane is a company that helps and insists the people of Brisbane to go green. The company offers to install services across Queensland. Sunny sky solar team specializes in making houses smarter and more efficient. They also provide solar power systems installing services at places where the electricity power grid is not avai The direction is the topmost part to take care of this installation.

Because power will produce more energy where there is more sunlight and energy are facing the sun. If solar panels are not installed according to the sunlight then there is less energy production. Your energy cost will not be decreased because of less energy production you have to depend on the power grid and you have to pay f Good climate conditions will always suit the power system and it helps in producing more energy through sunlight.

A bright sunny day will help a system to produce energy and transfer it for use and also helps in storing the energy in solar batteries for the use at the time of the bla As for other specs, this rumored Ioniq 5 First Edition will supposedly come with all-wheel drive standard and do 0-62 mph in 5.

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